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Featured Event:
Kustom 9 (May 15 - June 10, 2016)

Complete Outfit: Let me handle this! by Vita's Boudoir (NEW release @ mainstore)
Extra Arms: Kali by Aii The Ugly and Beautiful
Eyewear: Melt Shades (rare) by .Shi
Mouth piece: "Funny weekend" Headphone by Tentacio @ Kustom 9
Shoulder Bag:: The Natasha by Forte @ Kustom 9
Food: "Funny weekend" Choco Ice Cream by Tentacio @ Kustom 9
Camera: "Funny weekend" Camera Pink by Tentacio @ Kustom 9
Handheld Game: "Funny weekend" Game Console Pink by Tentacio @ Kustom 9
Tote Bag: Stuffed Rabbit Tote by David Heather @ Kustom 9

Decors (left to right):

"Treat Yourself" Shopping Spree Bags by Second Spaces
"Ribald Butler" Mr. Selfie (rare) by Mutresse
"Treat Yourself" Pedicure Chair (rare) by Second Spaces
"Ribald Butler" Cupbearer by Mutresse
Metal Tray Cart by Keke
"Treat Yourself" Snacks Toppings by Second Spaces
"Treat Yourself" Room Service by Second Spaces
"Treat Yourself" Shopping Spree Boxes by Second Spaces