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Feature Events:
The Epiphany (January 16 - February 15, 2017)
The Gacha Garden (February 1 - 28, 2017)
Kustom 9 (January 15 - February 10, 2017)

Hair: Joanne by Bold and Beauty @ The Epiphany
Mask: "Messiah" Makrothumia Mask by .Shi (exclusive item!) @ The Epiphany
Gloves: Lilith Black by Violent Seduction
Outfit: Bethany* by The Forge @ The Gacha Garden
    Bra (rare)
    Shorts Black
    Boots Black
Crown: "Saint's Suffering" Crown Gold by Cerberus Xing
Sword: Wrath's Conviction by The Forge

Skeletal System** by Cureless
Gothic Vampire Throne by Death Row Designs
Voir Secretement Chandelabra by Death Row Designs

Pose: "Angel" by Kirin Poses @ Kustom 9

*For Maitreya mesh body only
** Joints can be unlinked and modified.