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Feature Event:
The Epiphany (January 16 - February 15, 2016)

Hair: Wonderland by Olive @The Epiphany
Outfit: "Sassy" Holographic Top & Shorts by Pixicat @ The Epiphany
Shoes: Moody Platforms by Vale Koer
Gloves: "Street Artist" Female (rare) by Katat0nik
"Sassy" Unicorn Color by Pixicat @ The Epiphany
"Rebel" by Cubic Cherry Kreations @ The Epiphany
00A Rebel Bracelet Pink (exclusive!)
01 Rebel Escape Balloons Silver (rare
04 Rebel Mask White-Pink
19 Rebel Collar Pink 
"Plushie Buddies" by DarkendStare @ The Epiphany
Shiba Hang (rare)
Lion Hold
Bunny Hang

"Party Balloons" (exclusive!) by Floorplan @ The Epiphany
Shopping Cart Chair by Kalopsia
"Street Artist" Spray Paint Set by Katat0nik