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Feature Event:
The Crossroads (July 3 - July 28, 2016)
Collabora88 (July 8 - August 6, 2016)

Hair: Barbie by Dela: Dela @ The Crossroads
Casual Top by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Casual Dungaree by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Shoes: Alter Platforms by Vale Koer

Decors (left to right):
Vintage Gardening Table by BackBone @ The Crossroads
Soda Crate Stack by Floorplan 
Spilled Plant Pot by Aphorism
Old Crate Stack by Floorplan
Garden Hose by Pixel Mode
Trowel by Pixel Mode
Charlize's Cactus by Kalopsia
Vintage Lawn Mower with Pots by BackBone @The Crossroads
Superlong Potted Cactus by Soy.