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Feature Event:
The Epiphany (July 15 - August 15, 2017)

"His Bathroom" by David Heather @ The Epiphany
Black Seduction Cologne (EXCLUSIVE!)
His Sink (rare)
Wave Brush Bin (rare)
Watches Case (rare)
Tie Shelf (rare)
His Bathtub (rare)
Toilet (rare)
Hand Chair (rare)
His Chandelier
Cologne Set
Perfumer Set
Bathroom Bottles
Bathroom Accessories
Soap Dish
Toiletry Stuff 1
Toiletry Stuff 3
Metrosexual Shelf
Grooming Stuff
Bathroom Garment Bag
Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Dish
Bathroom Stool
Poop Sign
Trash Can
Toiletpaper Holder
Towel Cabinet
Dinosaur Planter
Magazine Holder