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Feature Events:
The Crossroads (November 3 - 28, 2016)
Fantasy Gacha Carnival (November 7 - December 7, 2016)
We Love Role-Play (November 4 - 30, 2016)

Hair: Kadosh by .Shi @ The Crossroads
Goggles: Steamer Goggles by The Forge @ We Love Role-Play
Collar: Archimede Oak by Plastik
Weapon" Averndale Bow by The Forge @ We Love Role-Play
Outfit: "Potions Master" by Moon Elixir @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
1 Corset (rare)
3 Potion Garter Bag (rare)
5 Faun Shirt
10 Faun Gloves
16 Faun Shorts
21 Faun Boots

Decors (left to right):
Building: Post Apocalyptic Makeshift Refuge by Death Row Designs @ The Crossroads
"Vintage Botanicals" Test Tube Orchid Red by Nomad
"Vintage Botanicals" Ocimum Basilicum by Nomad
"Storybook Living" Researcher's Journal by Dust Bunny
"Steampunk" Binoculars Sculpture by Hideki
Pirate Maps by Headhunter's Island
"SteamTeddy" Ace by !gO!