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Feature Events:
The Epiphany (October 15 - November 15, 2016)

Hair: Skye Peach (common) by Oleander @ The Epiphany
Skin: Lovely Zombie Peach (common) by Emfer Sombre @ The Epiphany
Mesh Head: Aisha by Catwa
Syringe Fingers: Krueger Fingers Pink (common) by Wednesday+ @ The Epiphany
"Love Honey Nurse" Big Syringe by B.C.C
Blood Bags Shoulder (common) by Wednesday+ @ The Epiphany
Med Kit (exclusive only at the event!) by Wednesday+ @ The Epiphany
"Blood Stash" Suitcase (rare) by Disorderly @ The Epiphany

Outfit: "Lovely Clinic" by Cureless @ The Epiphany
Nurse Headdress Rose (common)
Toy Blood Rose (common)
Angelic Nurse Dress (rare)
Nurse ID Rose (exclusive only at the event!)
X-Ray Chestpiece Rose (common)

"Trick Gacha" by Ninety @ The Epiphany
Cat Bat White
Cat Bat Black
"Nurse Sugar" Sickly Bear by The Sugar Garden

Decors (left to right):
"Blood Stash" by Disorderly @ The Epiphany
Hand Basket Ghost Blood (common)
Take Out Box Kawaii Blood (common)
Box Ghost Blood (common)

"Luv To Sew" Reel with Sciccors by Bananan
Candy First Aid Kit by Alouette
IV Stand Lamp by Sari-Sari
Vintage Schaukasten X-ray by Soy.