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Feature Events:
The Crossroads (September 3 - 28, 2016)
Kustom 9 (September 15 - October 10, 2016)

Hair: Yolandi by RunAway
Top: "Mercenary Guild" Ereol Vest by Remarkable Oblivion
Bottom (with shoes): Fallout by The Fallen
Headphone: Sky Pirate (rare) by The Forge
Mask: Overkill Gasmask by The Forge
Weapon: The Fuckernator Chain Saw by The Forge @ Kustom 9

Decors (left to right):

"Post Apocalyptic Crashed Plane Camp" by Death Row Designs @ The Crossroads
Crashed Plane
Sitting Crates 1
Sitting Crates 3
Weapon Supplies
Camp Junk (bottles)
Food Prep
Food Supplies