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Feature Events:
Kustom 9 (July 15 - August 10, 2016)
Tres Chic (July 17 - August 10, 2016)

Hair: Dia by Tableau Vivant
Playsuit: Inna by Pixicat @ Tres Chic
Sandals: Radiant by Vale Koer @ Kustom 9

Decors (left to right):
"Wanderlust" Twig Frame by Dust Bunny
Sadie's Art Vibes by Kalopsia @ Kustom 9
Sadie's Stools by Kalopsia @ Kustom 9
Nordica Hybrid Roses by Ariskea
"Wanderlust" Twig Frame by Dust Bunny
"Container Plan" No. 3 (Bike) by Haikei @ Kustom 9
"Container Plan" No. 5 (Painting) by Haikei @ Kustom 9
Nordica Crate of Roses by Ariskea
Old Crate Stack by Floorplan
Lavande by Cinphul
Succulent Watering Can by Kopi
Succulent Box by Kopi
"Wanderlust" Ivy Apothecary Cabinet by Dust Bunny
"Wanderlust" Bouquet Teacup by Dust Bunny
"Wanderlust" Upcycled Typewriter by Dust Bunny
Framed Ivy by Cinphul
"Skyplanter" Ivy by Plaaka 
"Skyplanter" Pothos by Plaaka 
"Skyplanter" Nasturtium by Plaaka
"Skyplanter" Bird's Nest Fern by Plaaka
"Skyplanter" White Orchid by Plaaka 
Super Long Hanging Hedera by Soy. @ Kustom 9
Rattan Woven Chair by Soy. @ Kustom 9
"Country Estate" Reading Pile by Apple Fall
"Mayfair" Carriage Clock by Apple Fall
"Storybook Living" Researcher's Journal by Dust Bunny
"Storybook Living" Lavander Tin by Dust Bunny
"Storybook Living"  Fresh Bouquet by Dust Bunny
Basket Table by Dust Bunny