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Feature Event:

The Epiphany (April 13 - May 5, 2016)
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Hair: Hair No.14 by Red Mint

Dress: Suzuya by R2 Fashion
Head Mask: "Synthethic Angel" Raziel Mask (EXCLUSIVE ITEM!) by Cureless @ The Epiphany 
Arms Armor: "Synthethic Angel" Gevurah Hands (rare) by Cureless @  The Epiphany 
Legs Armor: "Synthethic Angel" Ophanim Boots (common) by Cureless @  The Epiphany
Cape: "Synthethic Angel" Seraph Halo (common) by Cureless @  The Epiphany
Body Tattoo: "Synthetic Angel" Transangelism* (rare) by Cureless @  The Epiphany

*Note: Body tattoo is for TMP and OMEGA applier only (It can also be applied to other mesh body that supports Omega Applier System. Click here for more information.)