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Decors (left to right):
*Item available at 6 REPUBLIC
**Item available at creator's main store

Car: La Voiture de Grand-pere by Anhelo*
Old Garage by Anhelo*
Hose by Anhelo*
Garnish A (drums) by Anhelo*
Garnish B (metal pipes) by Anhelo*

Left Side:
Mechanic Workbench by Anhelo*
Succulent Plant Watering Can by Kopi**
Succulent Plant Box by Kopi**
Baja-bullet by Culprit*
Vintage Stool by Belle Equipe*
Toolbox by Sau**

Play Hard The Old Bag by Unkindness*
Licensed to Sit (couch) by Ideza*
Camarillo Book Seat (stool) Ideza*
Licensed to Bear (wall decor) by Ideza*
Potted Tree by Junk**
Salvaged Console by Commoner*
VW retro bus by Bazar*
Carved Bear by Kalopsia*
Gallery Shelf (Decorated) by Commoner*
Wall Art California by Commoner*
California Poster 02 by Bazar*
California Flag by Zerkalo*
California Signage by Zerkalo*
California Poster 01 by Bazar*
Mobile Disco S.S (mid range) by Tanakamura-Kagu*
Mobile Disco S.S (woofer) by Tanakamura-Kagu*
Mobile Disco S.S (tweeter) by Tanakamura-Kagu*
Wood Box (brown/white) by Tanakamura-Kagu*
420 Can by Tanakamura-Kagu*
45 box 2 (discs) by Tanakamura-Kagu*
Mobile Disco (dj booth) by Tanakamura-Kagu*
Play Hard Screen Color by Unkindness*

Right Side:
Surf Boards Rack by Bazar*
Venice Beach Table by Kalopsia*
Venice Beach Stool by Kalopsia*
Venice Beach Beers by Kalopsia*
Cupcakes by Belle Equipe*
Burger & French fries by Belle Equipe*
Venice Beach Fries by Kalopsia*
Venice Beach Surfboard by Kalopsia*
Stars Surfboard by Kalopsia*