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Details (from left to right):

Leaning picture pallet by Pilot @ Gen-Neutral
Scrolls by Pilot @ Gen-Neutral
Pin-up Art (Crane) by Apple Fall
Abstract canvas floor by Junk. @ Gen-Neutral
Hand Painted Scandinavian Bowls by  Apple Fall@ Gen-Neutral
Red Teacloth by Apple Fall @ Gen-Neutral
Liberty Sketchbook by Apple Fall @ Gen-Neutral
Still Life Observation' w/ Dust Sheet by Apple Fall@ Gen-Neutral
Neva's Sideboard by Apple Fall
Reading Pile by Apple Fall
Easle with canvas by Sorgo
Vanitas artist's stool wood by Noctis
Side Art Table by Sorgo
Brush Box by Sorgo
Tubes by Sorgo
Artists Paint brush jar by Vive Nine
Art- Class Palette by  Sari-Sari
Pendant Light by Pilot @ Gen-Neutral
Toronto Painter’s Mannequin by Bazar
Abstract canvas wall by Junk @ Gen-Neutral
Toronto art shelf books by Bazar
Toronto bedroom books and glasses by Bazar
Drew chaise leather by Junk @ Gen-Neutral
Leather floor cushion by Silence @ Gen-Neutral
Artist’s Stack of Canvas (painted) by Vive Nine
Artist’s Jumbo covered canvas by Vive Nine
Stepladder table by Apple Fall
Paint Can by Oyasumi