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> Left side (by the shelf):
Airplanes: Mobile by Bitter Vanilla @ *CCB
Shelf: Wire Shelf by Bitter Vanilla @ *CCB
Hinge Lamp by Oyasumi
~Top shelf:
Plants: Succulent Plants by Kopi @ *CCB
~Mid Shelf: 
Scale with books by Sari-Sari
Unopened Mail by Second Spaces
Pride & Prejudice Manuscript by Floorplan
Kokeshi Dolls by Monkey Banana @ *CCB
~Bottom Shelf:
Tin Boxes by Bitter Vanilla @ *CCB

> Right side (by the desk):
Table & Chair: Writing desk (Set) by Monkey Banana @ *CCB 
Bag on the chair: Body Bag by Sakka’s Studio @ *CCB
Iron wall hanging by Bitter Vanilla @ *CCB
Mason Jars & Notepad by Sari-Sari
Drawer by Bitter Vanilla @ *CCB
Fishing Cat: Bali Neco by Kopi
Classic Typewriter by Kopi
Souchikubai (Plant) by Naminoke @ *CCB
Bonsai Taniku by Naminoke @ *CCB
Wall papers by Floorplan
Fan by iHome @ *CCB
Huge Pile of Books by Zerkalo